Brigette Freel

Wildly Original

The time came that Emily needed a kombucha brewing side-kick, enter Brigette Freel. Brigette joined WTK in September 2015 following a career with Alberta Health Services. Brigette has her Masters in Environmental Practice from Royal Roads University, bringing a wealth of experience to the team. Her sense of adventure led her to fight forest fires with Manitoba Conservation, jumping out of helicopters and fighting large flames. Currently, when she isn’t brewing kombucha or testing new flavours, you can find her riding her motorcycle in the mountains, snowboarding, and travelling as much as possible. Brigette has been to over 30 countries, and has lived abroad on a number of occasions.


Emily Baadsvik

Wildly Innovative

Emily is a bad-a$$, proud New Brunswick import who makes her own rules. Wild Tea Kombucha was born after Emily transitioned into retirement after representing Canada at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. While training on the Canadian National Bobsleigh team, Emily was introduced to kombucha by a friend who practices naturopathic medicine. She loved that it was low sugar, and naturally energizing, which helped improve performance during training. Having a passion for the food industry and an entrepreneurial fire, it was clear that Emily would dedicate herself to growing her own brand of kombucha. A series of experiments ensued,and many a ceiling was ruined during a period named “glass shattering everywhere at 3am”. Luckily, that period was followed with many successful brews to get us where we are today.